INITIAL-CORP grows in 2 ways: internally and externally. Collaborators generate profits every year, while many profitable companies decide to join the consortium. The advantage of joining the consortium? Everything from A to Z is supplied to businesses joining us, from training to equipment. Being one of the most complete corporation in the world, INITIAL-CORP can transform small businesses into giants. Partnering with us is a long term commitment, and we only select like-minded companies to be part of us. Are you one of them?


“Partnering with INITIAL-MEDIAS was the best move I ever made in my business career. Not only do I work with a fantastic team, but I benefit from incredible advantages, social and financial alike. We welcome new collaborators every month and our company keeps growing, even when the economy is down. If you are a hard-worker with a passion for innovation, than INITIAL-CORP is definitely for you.”
Martin Champagne, INITIAL-MEDIAS
“Having being a lone entrepreneur my whole life, I taught that I had to do something new: cooperate with similar-minded people that want to achieve something big. I met with a few shareholders of INITIAL-HEALTH 10 years ago and it deeply interested me. I decided that I had to invest in this company, and soon enough, here I was, board member of a multi-national company. Yes, it changed my life financially, but it also changed me as a person. INITIAL-CORP is about collaboration, team working and growth. Anyone who believes in those values should be part of our big family.”
“The entrepreneurial life is one big adventure, but INITIAL-CORP is something on the next level. With so much support of like-minded people, you can literally reach for the moon. What is unique about INITIAL-CORP is that we can accomplish more in less time, since we do not outsource job to external companies. 5 years ago, I got promoted as a director of INITIAL-RESOURCES, and I can tell you, things have never been so great for me. If that concept lights you up, you should definitely get in touch with us.”

INITIAL-MEDIAS is a game-changer in the media industry, being the best pick for businesses that seek to proliferate in a cutthroat online market. We acknowledge that modern enterprises not only need to be showcased out there, but also need to distinguish themselves from their fierce competitors.

INITIAL-FINANCE’s resolution is to predict trends in our unstable market to be able to make cost-effective investments. Here our core value is transparency and by working with us, clients can fully be informed of our intentions and plainly understand our strategic decisions.

INITIAL-INDUSTRIES’ mission is quite simple, yet applied by a few modern industries. We aim at manufacturing the utmost quantity and the finest quality of units while restraining externalities for our endangered environment’s sake.

INITIAL-HEALTH’s goal is to increase citizen’s life quality and longevity through research, education and product development. Having a fourth of our yearly budget being spent on R & D, we aim at inventing new medicinal procedures to enhance people’s wellbeing and life quality.

INITIAL-FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that finances researches of a promising medical discovery that will bring immense good to the world. This revolutionary finding is stem cells, a scientific method that could prevent various health problems and common diseases such as Alzheimer, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes and Parkinson.

INITIAL-TECHNOLOGY’s central duty is to produce new technologies that can fulfill society’s needs and enhance human life. We are problem solvers that seek to eliminate unnecessary stress from people’s lives through technology.

INITIAL-FOOD’s purpose is to provide the best quality, most natural and most nourishing food to the greatest number of people possible. Having more and more people to feed, with a diminishing number of arable properties available, we do our best at finding the right genetics, adequate environment and passionate professionals to produce the healthiest food.

INITIAL-RESOURCES’ mission is to search, identify, extract and recycle Mother Nature’s precious assets in the most effective method. Environmental sustainability being our main concern, creating abundance while remaining profitable is what we aim for.

INITIAL-DISTRIBUTION’s mission consists of distributing products to every customers, wherever they are located, in the fastest, lowest-cost, most eco-responsible and delicate method possible. With our ultra-efficient distribution system, we have the goal to always satisfy our customers through lean management methods.