The Founders

Steve Long

Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, DSL was appointed CEO of INITIAL-CORP at its very beginnings. His dynamic vision, analytical talents and charismatic approach have and continue to ensure great relationships between clients, employees and members of INITIAL-CORP’s board. His sensible approach to the fight against Parkinson’s disease through the INITIAL-FOUNDATION, which he continues to chair as well, has been widely recognized.

Having gained substantial experience in Sales, Market Development and Engineering (composites), DSL has in a short time accomplished quite a lot, including: founding of one of the first dial-up Internet providers in Canada, working on the introduction of the Euro in the UK and France with Société Générale, helping on the construction of a 65-ft ocean-crossing sailboat, and introducing the first commercial and industrial LED lighting in Canada over six years ago. He is also the creative force behind INITIAL-MEDIAS new advancements in time and project management and much more.


DSL is also a renowned speaker, author and coach. He has been largely acclaimed in North America for his straight talk methods and his passion for helping other. Over the past 15 years, he guided people and companies around the world to improve their relationships, achieve their goals, overcome their sales plateau and competitively restructure businesses. It is acknowledged that his motivational conferences are a true catch for anyone seeing improvements in their life.

A proud father of one, DSL is well known for his unlimited ambitions, his motivational speaking, his focus on development and technological advancements and his philanthropic activities throughout Asia and Canada, where he tirelessly encourages arts and health care causes. Benefiting from over 25 years of business experience, he is also titleholder of two patents, in telemetric data and 3D printing. His dedication to making technology better is fierce and relentless.

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Sara Clarkson

Sara is uniquely devoted to hard and impeccable work. She benefits from highly varied expertise in the distribution and logistics domains. Her passion for the business is uncompromising. She has been bringing these talents to INITIAL-CORP for years, and served as Vice President, but also as Logistics executive during the strong expansion of INITIAL-LED in Canada. She is also secretary for INITIAL- FOUNDATION, and strongly supports the fight against Parkinson’s disease through regular visits to patients afflicted with this grave degenerative condition.

John Dubois

Mr. Dubois’ involvement with INITIAL-CORP began as a marketing consultant. INITIAL-LED called on the services of Mr. Dubois to continue the expansion of it’s market in Canada and to develop future projects. John constitutes a driving force within INITIAL-CORP, especially since he started out INITIAL-MEDIAS with two other founders. John is today on the board of directors of INITIAL-MEDIAS and leads many of the corporation’s sales team. Only last year he travelled to 15 countries to conclude new deals with international corporations. John has a bright future with us and will bring INITIAL-MEDIAS to new heights in the upcoming years.

Greg O’Sullivan

Devoted and rigorous, with a strong sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, Greg O’Sullivan was one of the youngest to join INITIAL-LED’s administration. His public relations skills and his strategic thinking are propelling the commercial success of the organization to an unthinkable level. Already benefiting from strong experience in product development, sales and customer service, Greg is always ready for new challenges. An experienced coordinator in the entertainment field, notably on the stage and behind it for music, fashion and institutional events, he understands the multiple aspects of the business environment. Equally adept in the fields of electronics and technological products, he has become an invaluable asset for team training.

Having worked on business development projects in Canada, the United States, Latin America, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Asia, he sees no limit to what can be done. He and the amazing team he is a part of are always ready to expand the business to new territories. His will to thrive and his passion for the world of tomorrow motivate our young and promising sales team. Has the board director of INITIAL-LED, a branch of INITIAL-TECHNOLOGY, Greg has a bright future with INITIAL-CORP.

Diane Johnson

Diane is an international manager with a  lot of business knowledge. Having travelled around the world many times at a young age, she speaks 4 languages and has a Master degree in International Finance. She has been supporting women entrepreneurship everywhere she goes and she is proud to be one of them. Diane is also passionate about literature and music.

Diane has been contributing a lot to the development of INITIAL-HEALTH, being passionated by everything related to wellness. Having occupied the function of CEO for 5 years in this branch, she was recently promoted to INITIAL-FINANCE’s vice-president function just recently. Diane is a must for the group because of her team working abilities and her very ambitious plans for the future of INITIAL-CORP.

Cory Simons

Cory is a young, ambitious CEO that began his career as a salesman. After completing is studies in accounting, he soon reached for new heights. He was quickly promoted into one of North America’s leading steel manufacturing companies. He brought this company to immense success and soon bought the entire company himself. Cory then decided it was time to diversify his activities and to invest in a variety of companies, where he discovered INITIAL-CORP. He decided to take the opportunity and join our consortium. His business was then renamed INITIAL-RESOURCES and is doing better then ever. Cory now endorses the title of CEO of INITIAL-RESOURCES.

Alex Brandson

Alex is a born innovator with unusual analytics abilities. His father being into the marketing business, he was accustomed to the business at a young age. He started his first company at age 14 and since then has never stop his entrepreneurs ventures. Alex discovered INITIAL-CORP a year after starting his second business and decided to be part of the corporation as soon as the opportunity was presented to him. INITIAL-TECHNOLOGY was born under his guidance. Alex is now CEO of this unit and works closely with other collaborators to develop new revolutionary technologies.

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